So, to preface this, this past weekend was Tal’Dorei Days, a celebration of all thing Critical Role.  Arranged by a number of twitter users who have taken on the personas of several NPCs from the successful D&D series, Tal’Dorei Days brought together many fans from around the world, not only to share their love of Critical Role, but to discuss all manner of love for gaming.  Much chatter was handled on a Discord server hosted by one of those NPCs.

It was there that a discussion of my past GMing sessions was brought up by my friend and NPC, @Earthbreaker Groon.  We were discussing 7th Sea with several folks and my one-shot I ran as a demo to introduce some friends to it became the subject of discussion.  So, I decided to try and recall this tale and share it with not only the folks on the Discord server, but anyone else curious about this entertaining session (well, several sessions, to be honest).

Please note, this was years ago and my recollection of the character names is pretty much a non-existent possibility. But, I tried my best.

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diceRecently, I’ve had a chance to finally delve into the joy that is 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons and I can say with all certainty, I regret nothing.

For my first foray, I’ve decided to incorporate the Starter Box Set adventure, The Lost Mines of Phandelver, into my story, using it as the launch point for the whole campaign.  Already several sessions in, my group has taken well to the changes in the rules since last we played Pathfinder, though some mistakes have lead to some perfectly meta results.

So, for this, my attempted return to the blogging life, I present to you…The Story So Far……

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In my attempts to get back into blogging, in hopes that it helps to improve my writing skills which have been sorely lacking as of late, I find there’s no better way than to practice using preconceived topics.  In this case, #RPGADAY.


Like many, I saw this topic floating around the RPG Bloggers site and decided to give it a go.  I’ve been meaning to get back into posting on my blog but over the last few years, with all that has been said and done in my life, I’ve drifted from this project and, in some ways, lost the spark for games I once had back in the day.

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Or “How I Learned to Stop Playing 4e and Love Pathfinder”

So it seems I am not along on my trek across the desert to the promised land of “plagues, floods, and pillars of mother@##$%ing salt“.  By this, I mean my departure from the 4e ship and boarding the good ship Pathfinder.  Come with me, if you will, on a trip down memory lane….

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Recently, I’ve found my creative side slowly waking back up since it started to hibernate after I lost my job in December.  Looking back, I had about 1-2 posts after that and then, blogging, like a number of things when that unemployment depression sets in, just sort of fell to the wayside despite having more than enough time to write.  But, with the advent of a new Pathfinder campaign starting up and the possible rebirth of my old 4e campaign (converted to Pathfinder – more on that later), I’ve decided to try my hand once more and see if I can’t keep the ball rolling here.

But, to start things off slow and to show I do still pay heed to the comings and goings of the blogsphere, I thought I’d chime in on a subject that has recently been making its way throughout gaming blogs: “Things Role Playing Bloggers Tend Not To Write About” as initially mentioned by Noisms over at Monsters and Manuals.
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This was just posted by the folks at Troll In The Corner but I also wanted to share it here In case no one has a link to their blog (Which now you do.  so go read their stuff.  It’s a great blog).  I just hope they follow through with releasing them as full sets and not randomized booster boxes.  Many around my table always hoped WotC would realize the possibilities of miniature sets, but, never really expected much to come from it.

Anywho, the Press Release posted by Troll In The Corner after the cut.

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So, I’ve finally made a concentrated effort to attend regular sessions at one of my FLGSs for the weekly D&D Encounters adventures.  I tried it back in January but, since becoming a bit more on the lazy side thanks to unemployment, I’d failed to make a return trip until recently.  I believe what prompted this was my experience with 4e Essentials and my sudden love of the system (At least compared to what I refer to as 4e Core.  I don’t hate 4e Core, I just like Essentials a smidge more).

Anywho, I’ve been able to start into encounters at the start of a brand new season which kicks off with The Dark Legacy of Evard, a so-far interesting Shadowfell tale.  Given the nature of the Encounters sessions, our first session had a different group of adventurers than my second.  What I recall of  our merry band included a Dwarven Cleric, a half-orc Paladin(?), a couple of spellcasters of some kind, and myself, a non-copyright infringing Drow Ranger (Hunter).  The second consisted of a Human Cleric, a Drow Hexblade, a Human Binder, an Elven Mage, myself, and a Human Paladin.

So, here is a brief summary of those sessions as told by Urdithane, Drow Hunter extraordinaire.

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