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stpatricksdayrpgblogcarnival2While trying to think up something interesting that’s Irish related for an RPG, my brain stumbled upon something for 4e I thought might be a cute variation on a theme.  I’ll try and put together something a little more in-depth later.  but I at least wanted to get one entry in for the carnival.

Everlasting Potato Level 1
Cost: 360 gp
Property: After an extended rest, this magical vegitable will have grown enough potatoes for up to 5 small/Medium creatures to eat for a day.  However, for this to work, it must be planted in soil prior to the extended rest.

Hope they like potatoes!


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Mora na maidine dhuit.

Today is a most fortunate day indeed.  Not only is it St. Patty’s Day (one of my favorite holidays and a day that gives me an excuse to break out the irish brogue) but it’s also the release date for the PHB 2 which I’ve been eagerly waiting for.  I’ve been reading the numerous reviews on RPGblogger.net from those who got the book ahead of time (jealous!) and the more I read about it, the more excited I am.  Not only am I getting a bard class that is probably the best incarnation to date, but it sounds like there’s plenty of other goodies with many of my old favorites returning.

and speaking of RPGBlogger.net, there’s a theme running through some of the blogs today.  “Bring some Irish to Your Game” is an idea created by Daniel Perez from The Gamer Traveller blog.  It’s a chance to add something Irish to your game by ways of monsters, items, people, places, etc.  From the few I’ve seen so far, my favorite has to be the Black Stuff monster from The Dice Bag blog.

I think I’ll cut this short for now so I can try and come up with soemthing before the end of the day.  got a few ideas percolating as is.

Agus cuid eile an lae dhuit fein.

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When the D&D tile Sets first started to come out, I was not a big fan.  Sure, I’ve enjoyed the use of miniatures with my gaming, but I never saw the point to using pre-designed pieces of cardboard to try and construct your maps.  My group has always relied on the grace and beauty of dry erase grid boards (Tact-Tiles I believe). 

However, recently, I’ve decided to give these tile sets a chance and see what they’re all about.  Especially since there’s enough of them out now to make it worth while.  Admittedly, my interest was sparked after reading several good reviews regarding them.  And given that I like to hear gamer opinions about most products before testing them out, I figured “What the hell?”

And now, here I am, a large # of tile sets later and a wallet a good number of dollars lighter, looking over Wizard’s latest release, Caves of Carnage.


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I am Bard

No surprise here.

D&D Home PageWhat Class Are You?Build A CharacterD&D Compendium

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Gygax Tribute

Unfortunately, since I could not recall what my login here was to save my life, I missed out on the day of honor for Gary Gygax, the creator (Along with Dave Arneson of course) of D&D.  So, here I shall post my tribute to the man who has influenced my creativity with his own.

This was written upon hearing of Gary’s passing over a year ago.  Kenzer Co., who puts out one of my favorite periodicals, Knights of the Dinner Table, asked for people to submit things that would possibly be published in their tribute issue.  Unfortunately, mine did not make the cut.  So i’ll post it here instead.

Sung to “Oh Danny Boy”
Inspired by KODT and OoTS

Oh Gary Boy, The Dice, The Dice are rollin’
From round to round, On all our PC’s Sheets.
The turn is done, and victory is ours now.
‘Tis you, ’tis you that made this game so sweet.

But now your gone, no Raise Dead spell could help us
To the Seven Heavens we know that you did go
We hoist our bags and books that were your passion
Oh Gary Boy, Oh Gary Boy, We love you so.

But you return, where gamers are a gatherin’
At many cons and gaming stores we meet
We’re making saves, or rollin’ up a character
We’ll make new friends, and old ones once more greet

So rest ye well, your legacy enduring
May all your crits now warm and sweeter be
We’ll gather round, that table every weekend.
We will keep gamin’ till we come to game with thee.

We will keep gamin’ till we come to game with thee.

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Well, I finally figured out what my login/password here is.  Sure, I could have looked it up at home since I can’t access my email here at work.  But after 8 hours of dealing with the swimmers of the intellectual pool’s shallow end, my brain wants little else to do but have television pander to it or log on to CoH and beat the crap out of thugs as some form of mental cathartic ritual.

Mental evacuation aside, I’ve currently found myself in a GMing quandry.  About a year ago (Give or take a few months), I hung up the shield while I returned to school in hopes of finding more gainful employment.  In many ways, this was a relief as I tended to be the primary source of adventuring goodness for 2 different groups on consecutive days. 


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