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Lost in GM-lation

So, my school semester is finally winding down and for a few months I’ll be taking up the GM mantle once more.  However, I’m a little lost as to what I want to run.  Being introduced to GMing early in my Role Playing career, I’ve found myself attracted to trying all sorts of different games…which usually ends in my buying books for it, no one wants to play it, and I sell them to a used book store for money for other books. 

The Circle of Gaming Life as it is.

This, in turn, leads me to conundrums when I have to focus on running one game.  Deciding what I want to run.  Most of the time, I try to run what my players would want, regardless of whether or not I want to run it.  As a GM (And partly due to my years of customer service), I’ve, at times, looked at my role as something more of a provider of entertainment.  My duty’s to make the custmer (i.e. players) happy.

But there are sometimes where I want to run something for my sake.  Players be damned, I want to run a certain game system or setting that gets stuck in my mental maw and wants out.  However, I then realize that without players, the game doesn’t happen.  I end up having to look at my players, try to determine if they’d even WANT to play, and then realize they probably won’t, shelf the idea, and pull out what they want.

Does anyone else have this problem?  Have you ever just said, “To hell with it!  I’m running this!” and run it with whoever wants to play (Ultimatum if you will)?

Now, where’s that 7th Sea book…..


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