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So I’ve just gotten back from my jaunt to Borders in search of a few Ed Greenwood novels (Namely Mistshore and Blackstaff Tower.  And as fate would have it, they don’t get them until the end of the month.  Good thing my Birthday coupon is valid past that) and I was able to get a quick look at the new Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide and the 4th Ed D&D GM Screen.  And I must say, from just a 5 to 10 minute browse…


The GM Screen appears to be the typical 4 page screen but made from a significantly heavier card stock then all of its previous incarnations.  The content I unfortunately have to wait to see as it was a shrink-wrapped product.

Now the FRCG…Woot!  My initial flip through came up with about 10-20% stat block (Not counting the chapter 1 intro adventure) and the rest fluff (Plus a gorgeous poster map).  Now I’m a fluff whore (And a map whore).  I got into the Realms uring AD&D and so far, nothing compares to the fluff put out during that era (Aurora’s Wholesale Realms anyone?).  Unfortunately, 3rd Edition seemed to fall flat on fluff content in some respects (Hit or miss) so I’m hoping they do better this time around.

Like it’s predecessor, the FRCG seems to do well in presenting the world with as little splat as possible.  The majority of the book, based on the ToC, seems to be dedicated to the world itself (As it should be) with a chapter on Magic and the Spellplague, Villains (Monsters and races) and a nice intro adventure. 

And let’s not forget the artwork.  My initial peruse turned up some beautiful work both in pictures and maps.

All in all, my intial impression is two thumbs up.  I’ll try and give a more in depth review once I pick up my copy of both from my FLGS tonight.


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