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Call me a completest, call me WOTC’s bitch, but despite my initial claims to friends and to myself that I was not going to pick up a copy of the DTMS: The Dungeon set (mainly due to the uncertainty of acquiring more tiles that I already had compared to what I did not), my inner geek decided to take a chance and drop the $20 for this box.

I’m both pleased and disappointed.

Let me sum up.



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 In the 1980s, we were introduced to a slew of rampant paranoia surrounding of my favorite RPGs; Dungeons and Dragons.  And what sprung from the loins of that wildly preposterous hysteria was a horrible made-for-TV movie called Mazes and Monsters; a movie adaptation of a fictionalized novelization of an inaccurate story surrounding the disappearance of an MSU student.

In other words, this cinematic abortion is a piece of drivel birthed by the paranoia created by people too bloody pathetic to assume any responsibility for their children’s mental well-being that they have to concoct some BS reason why their children take a swim in the deep end of the mental wacko-pool so as to not assume the blame for their own eff-ups as parents. (more…)

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The folks over at Troll in the Corner have a contest running for several Pathfinder books (Core Book, GM Guide, and Bestiary) to help promote it’s new fantasy zombie apocolypse campaign setting, Aruneus. 

Go here to check out the contest as well as this interesting take on the zombie apocalypse theme.

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It’s been two years today since the passing of the RPG legend E. Gary Gygax.  The man was an inspiration to gamers far and wide and I for one, am sad I never got a chance to thank him for all he’s done.  Below I’ve posted what was my entry to KoDT for their tribute issue to E.G.G.  It never got published so I’ll share it here with you all today.

You will be missed Gary.  May all your hits be crits!

And, in his memory, Jeff’s Gameblog posts a number of good ideas.

Sung to the tune of “Oh Danny Boy”
Inspired by KODT and OoTS

Oh Gary Boy, The Dice, The Dice are rollin’
From round to round, On all our PC’s Sheets.
The turn is done, and victory is ours now.
‘Tis you, ’tis you that made this game so sweet.

But now your gone, no Raise Dead spell could help us
To the Seven Heavens we know that you did go
We hoist our bags and books that were your passion
Oh Gary Boy, Oh Gary Boy, We love you so.

But you return, where gamers are a gatherin’
At many cons and gaming stores we meet
We’re making saves, or rollin’ up a character
We’ll make new friends, and old ones once more greet

So rest ye well, your legacy enduring
May all your crits now warm and sweeter be
We’ll gather round, that table every weekend.
We will keep gamin’ till we come to game with thee.

We will keep gamin’ till we come to game with thee.

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This seems to be making it’s way around the network, but I too, thought I’d share this here for those who don’t visit the RPG Blogger Network (You should though.  Geat stuff to be found there).  A two year project now completed, this room is an amazing build.  I only wish I could have a room like that some day.

You can see more at their forum post here.  Amazing work guys!

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With the Xmas season finally behind us and a new year beginning, my gaming group has finally begun to reconvene on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, our first attempt to continue with an on-going 4e D&D game met with an unexpected mental roadblock.  Mainly my seemingly unlikely forgetting of my laptop (It’s a beast so I still am not sure how I missed it) which had the evenings adventure notes on it.

Eager for something to do (And desperate to save myself from a gaming-withdrawl induced lynching), I called up the only gaming store that may have been open (Thank you Netherworld Games for staying open past your close time for me!) and picked myself up a copy of Cubicle 7’s latest release, Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space (Also chosen because we were watching The End of Time on BBC America after we got there and the Who bug bit us).

And I must say, this is full of all kinds of enjoyable wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey goodness. (more…)

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Picture-2There are very few magazines out there I’d ever had, or wanted to have, a subscription to.  Dragon and Dungeon were two of them.  There was something enjoyable about grabbing your new copy, plopping down into a comfy chair, and pouring over what new articles, rules, humor, and other magical tidbits were inside.  And then WotC went digital.  Not my favorite of decisions made by them as that little piece of enjoyment was suddenly snatched away and replaced with pixels and light.

But, since I found myself a fan of the newest edition and wanted to keep up on the issues, I grabbed myself a DDI subscription and continued reading.  Some might wonder why, with a subscription to the digi copies, I would grab a copy of an article compilation I already had the articles for.   In some small way, I’d hoped to find that little happy place I would find myself going to with the old dead tree magazines. (more…)

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