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Last night I showed the first draft to a friend to has a thing for number crunching and he pointed out a few important things I overlooked in designing this series of feats.  Also, after making some changes he pointed out, I noticed a few other issues with what I initially designed. (more…)


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So, as I stated in my post yesterday, I’ve been contemplating how best to represent the use of a Duom in 4e mechanics.  I did post something that came to mind; the adding of a new weapon property.  It was merely an idea and one that really seemed awkward.  Fortunately, several kind folks posted a couple of replies that informed me of a better direction to go with it.

Despite how long it’s been around, I’ve never been one to take an interest in the Dark Sun setting.  Not to say it’s bad in any way, it’s just never appealed to me as the Forgotten Realms has.  However, it seems that the new 4e Dark Sun Campaign Book has a series of feats that provide some interesting powers for using specific exotic weapons.  Something that fits the Duom.

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When Arms and Equipment for 3.5ed came out and we had started the campaign for the Company of the Combustible Commode, one of my players came across a neat weapon called the duom.  Being a curious and usual open-to-new-things GM, I allowed the player to use it.  Eventually, as the campaign went on, it became engraved into the culture surrounding her character’s clan; to the point of having an elite cadre of royal guards that wield them.

A neat, creative concept and something I encouraged.

However, when one reads the description of the duom, the concept of the weapon appears interesting, but there was little to no rules regarding bonuses or actual rule use.  Looking back over the years of the CotCC campaign and having done a little research today, it seems we’ve been using that weapon all wrong.


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An Essential Contest

Well, I nearly forgot about this new Troll in the Corner contest, but better late than never.  And I must say, it was well timed too.  With the death of my 3.5 campaign (more on that later) and the eventual start of a new 4e campaign, this kind of contest (A nice slew of Essentials material and the new Dungeon Tiles set) could not come at a better time.

So, if you have a moment, before it’s too late, head on over and check it out.

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