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Finding Serenity

165936SerenityRPG-lgSometimes I feel like I have some form of Gamer A.D.D.  Being a gamer that always open to trying new games, I keep finding myself jumping between the games I do own while looking at others that have or have yet to hit the shelves.  For example, The other day, I was psyched about getting my hands on the new Battelords GU book.  I still am to some degree.  But now my brain has, for no explainable reason, bounced into a renewed interest for the Serenity RPG. (more…)


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gu2I’ve always had a soft spot for the Battelords of the 23rd Century RPG (By SSDC).  Despite my issues with it’s overly complex combat system and Matrix Power Point rules (And lack of a proper GM screen), I’ve been a fan of the game since I first sat in as a replacement player for someone’s Orion Rogue years ago.  There was something strangely enjoyable about roleplaying a kilt wearing scotsman from Taos 7 as he bets on the outcome of the fight between the Eiridani and Phentari with another Rogue who just had his way with the group’s Cizerak (Who rolled a 00 on her monthly ‘in-heat’ roll). 

If you’re not familiar with Battlelords, check out their site here.


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Apparently WOTC is on round 2 of their Hybrid playest rules.  Now, you get to select certain class features when combining classes and Hit points are now fractions so as to not loose out on any.

To me, this seems like the better way to go with multiclassing and was something I was pondering modifying on Version 1 of the rules before this hit albeit not like they did.  But…meh.  Saves me a whole lot of work.

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So it’s been decided.  My new summer campaign shall be a 4e Realms campaign.  Surprisingly, my players are behind me on this one and not a one seems to argue the use of 4e Realms.  Sure, WOTC did a hack job on the poor girl.  But just working on the first adventure makes me realize something several of my players have complained about. (more…)

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So, another Games Day has come and gone.  And people seemed to enjoy themselves.  I was fortunate as I got a chance to run again as I always love to do for Games Day.  In part because I love to GM, but also cause of free swag afterwards.  I don’t often purchase minis.  so getting to keep what we use is a nice perk.

As for the adventure, it was unfortunately, fairly simplistic.  At the same time, this was a plus as I only had about 20 minutes to read through it when I got there and found out I was needed as a GM (I don’t blame the organizer though.  He did send me an IM off Grumbling Dwarf the evening before). 

But, in regards to the design of the Games Day adventure and characters, it’s yet another whoops made by the folks at WOTC.  The Skill Challenge they incorporated seemed like an interesting build, but tacked on just to throw one in.  Since I’m still getting my footing regarding the best way to run a skill challenge (Rather than as a Final Fantasy, fade to black style encounter announcement), the design method they used was creative and something I’ll have to keep in mind for future skill challenges.

The design of the characters was also questioned a few times as several people commented on the Teifling warlord as a bad build.  Add in a bit of over equipped characters which ruined the suprise in the second encounter.  Being a GD for MM2, obviously the adventue was going to incorporate a number of monsters from it.  Including my favorite; the Rust Monster.  However, over equipping characters to help compensate for it was a bit of a dead give away, and seemed a little unrealistic.  What kind of Barbarian hauls around 2 Greatswords (Other than a dual wielding, Monkey Grip trained 3.5 Barbarian)?

But, in the end, it seemed like folks had fun (Especially with the Barbarian wrestling the rust monster) and I was fortunate enough to get to keep a few of the player figures.  Plus, this was good training fo me as my players have agreed to placate my urge to run 4e.  I’ll see if I can remember to keep some kind of game diary of sorts about this new campaign (First brief post later today possibly).

Now, as for one possibly curious questions (WTF is a naked Dworc), this was a childish nickname I blame myself for when the dwarven Paladin met the first of 2 rust monsters.  given that it was the ONLY character in heavy armor, it was an obvious target for the metal eating beasty, to which he lost his nice plate.  To compensate, he put himself in a suit of the leather armor the orcs in Encounter 1 had.

So, smelling like an orc in slightly loose fitting armor, the dwarf carried on (Good thing since he fell overboard on the raft ride).  But, when we first stated referencing the dwarf after, I started calling him a dworc and it just sort of stuck. 

Perhaps cause it’s a mix of 2 of my favorite races.

Dworc! Dworc! Dworc! Dworc!

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So, another Games Day is upon us and I find myself venturing out into the great beyond to do nothing but play D&D all day long.

Ah, geekdom.

And, to start it off right, I’ll enjoy a spot of breakfast with the original D&D cartoon and then head down to the Farmer’s Market to pick up a pack of good ol Ant Sticks.

Mmmmm, Ant.

Then, TO GAME!  But more on all this later.

And, since I’ve realized that these posts should be somewhat informative, let me provide you all with a couple of links to one of my favorite free Fan-made suppliments.  I’ve used this book for numerous D&D games and, frankly, it fits just about ANY Fantasy style RPG. (more…)

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While parousing my usual game related sites this morning, I made a discovery that surprised me.  It did so because my geek was apparently unaware of these two important holidays (Besides Memorial Day.  Yes.  It is important too).

Towel Day and Geek Pride Day

These days have been around for a few years, yet I only now seem to be hearing about them.  This, of course, makes my plan for Monday after work (ugh) set.  I must geek out to the Hitchiker’s movie and play me some CoH in celebration.

It’s good to be a geek.

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