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D&D Encounters: An Experience

So, here I sit, in the parking lot of Dominos, my head still floating about after the events of today. Or, should I say ‘Encounter’ today. I’d finally been able to make it to a session of Dungeons and Dragons: Encounter at Pegasus Games, one of several FLGSs in Madison, and it was, well, painfully fun.

So, there I sat in anticipation, freshly made fighter in hand, my D&D Essentials virginity waiting to be taken. Promptly, the GM and players arrived; a friendly lot that I would enjoy playing another session with. The map for tonight’s encounter was set up, the previous session details reviewed (Having not been a part of that, it was nice to see what transpired beforehand), and we were underway.

Now, this is where the pain begins. (more…)


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