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Back in the days of AD&D, I found myself browsing the internet in search of any information I could find to enhance my gaming experience.  One of the most common things I came by was what were refered to as Netbooks; collections of information made by fans for fans.  Everything ranging from new monsters, rules for the more mature players, and even a great netbook of equipment (My personal favorite) could be found.

But, as 3e began to loom over the horizon, I’d noticed Netbooks beginning to trail off hand in hand with 2e.  Perhaps I was just not as observant and missed a pluthera of 3e netbooks.  Perhaps netbooks went into hiding for a while.  Either way, they’re beginning to emerge once more with the emergence of 4th edition.  And what better way to celebrate their return than with a monster of a netbook!

While going about my daily browsing of the RPG Network, I came by Greywulf’s blog and an entry titled Is this the ultimate 4e D&D Netbook? I think so.  Curiosity beat me over the head and dragged me over to see just what this ultimate netbook was.  Now, as I type, I’ve not actually cracked the file open (Which can be found here for those interested).  But based on Greywulf’s description of it’s contents, it’s sounds like his title is true to form.

So go check out Greywulf’s blog entry and give the netbook a go.  Perhaps this is the dawn of the netbook’s return.

Or just a one off.  Either way, good work guys!

Also, a big thanks to Olik for all those years of hosting some of the greatest netbooks in 2e history.  Still use the Great Netbook of Equipment to this day.


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