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chainsAfter a 2 month hiatus, the Fellowship campaign has finally continued.  Unfortunately, this time of the year always seems to be a busy one for myself and several players.  With Geek.kon in the fall and a number of other convention/holiday commitments during these months, we tend to find ourselves lacking in the gaming department.  But now, with Geek.kon done, hopefully the Fellowship campaign can begin to take off. 

Unfortunately, with these delays, I feel the campaign is still in that infant stage when things still have yet to click and the players take the driver’s seat.  Coupled with us learning 4e at the same time and it really feels like it’s dragging.  However, despite school and work commitments, I feel like I should be able to finish out the year as a GM before having to test the waters come the new spring school semester.  If we’re lucky, things should start to click and move on their own before then.

But anyway, on to the session.



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