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SSDC101Starting in a few week, I’ll have the pleasure of introducing several people to the world of RPGs.  I’ve had debates with myself about what game to start them off with, tossing about such suggestions as 7th Sea or Dungeons & Dragons.  However, I’ve had difficulty really settling on one paticular game. 

However, recently, one of my friends showed me the latest release from SSDC, The Galactic Underground 2, and that jump started the desie to run a game I’ve never been able to get off the ground.  However, I saw this as a chance to try again,  with no desire to scare away the new players we’re introducing.  However, I’ve got an itch I need to scratch so I shall be introducing them through the fine game of Battlelords of the 23rd Century.

For those not familiar with Battlelords, the game is described as:

“…a deep space roleplaying system that focuses on the Alliance of 27 alien races who desperately seek to ward off the threat of internal destruction while simultaneously exploring the vast uncharted regions of space.”

However, the game’s other main focus is on the players as corporate mercenaries working fo the man.  Having always had a difficult time with military focussed games, I’m chosing to venture away from that aspect to make it a bit more appealing, running the game more along the lines of Firefly/Serenity; a crew on their boat looking for work.  So, to prepare for that game and refamiliarize myself with the system, I’m putting together a few NPCs in case their crew needs a little fleshing out. (more…)


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chainsThis session was unfortunately incredibly short due to one of my player’s run-ins with an SCA event, which has a tendanct to exaust them.  Passing out was involved and, while marker/facial fun could have been had, uges were held back and the game was called. 

This, unfortunately leaves me in a bit of a pickle as I had hoped to discover which route the players may have taken in terms of plot.  I have several possible one dangling in front of them (And a few they are not yet aware of) and I’m not one for railroading when needed.  However, as is evident here, such a thing can come back and bite you in the ass.

Looks like I’m going to have my work cut out for me. (more…)

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Flametouched Mage (Draft 1)

FlametouchedWhile browsing RPG Bloggers, I came by way of a post made by Stupid Ranger about creating new Paragon Paths or modifying existing ones.  They were looking for a fire-based Paragon Path to fit a fire themed wizard they are playing.  So, to take a shot at making my own path, I present draft one of the Flametouched.

Please let me know what you think as this is something new to me and comments/critiques are always welcome.



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chainsFirst off, I’d like to welcome anyone visiting here from RPGBloggers.net.  I’ve recently joined this great community and hopefully will meet some great people as time goes on.  Welcome one and all!

Now, on to our show!

When we last left our intrepid band of heroes, they had just cleared out the orcs from the dining hall of the new Tolbin manor.  They then discovered that the room next door seemed to house even more that apparently were oblivious to the recenet battle (Thank Tymora).  Needing time to think and look over the rest of the house, the group opted to baracade the door to the next room in hopes of delaying the orcs inside.

 In a stroke of possible genius, the gnome also tried to rig a trap using a large pot of boiling stew in the room in hopes that forcing open the door would douse the orcs and floor making footing treacherous.  Gond would have been proud. (more…)

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So, while browsing the RPG Blogger site as I tend to do repeatedly during the day, I came by a 4e weekly summary post describing the weekly 4e news and announcements.  And what do I discover?  What lovely little tile is to be sent for DM rewards for those who’ve run RPGA sanctioned games.

Oh how I wish I had paid more attention to the RPGA materials as the reward for DMing 5 games before June 30th is pretty sweet.


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Finding Serenity

165936SerenityRPG-lgSometimes I feel like I have some form of Gamer A.D.D.  Being a gamer that always open to trying new games, I keep finding myself jumping between the games I do own while looking at others that have or have yet to hit the shelves.  For example, The other day, I was psyched about getting my hands on the new Battelords GU book.  I still am to some degree.  But now my brain has, for no explainable reason, bounced into a renewed interest for the Serenity RPG. (more…)

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gu2I’ve always had a soft spot for the Battelords of the 23rd Century RPG (By SSDC).  Despite my issues with it’s overly complex combat system and Matrix Power Point rules (And lack of a proper GM screen), I’ve been a fan of the game since I first sat in as a replacement player for someone’s Orion Rogue years ago.  There was something strangely enjoyable about roleplaying a kilt wearing scotsman from Taos 7 as he bets on the outcome of the fight between the Eiridani and Phentari with another Rogue who just had his way with the group’s Cizerak (Who rolled a 00 on her monthly ‘in-heat’ roll). 

If you’re not familiar with Battlelords, check out their site here.


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