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Recently, I’ve found my creative side slowly waking back up since it started to hibernate after I lost my job in December.  Looking back, I had about 1-2 posts after that and then, blogging, like a number of things when that unemployment depression sets in, just sort of fell to the wayside despite having more than enough time to write.  But, with the advent of a new Pathfinder campaign starting up and the possible rebirth of my old 4e campaign (converted to Pathfinder – more on that later), I’ve decided to try my hand once more and see if I can’t keep the ball rolling here.

But, to start things off slow and to show I do still pay heed to the comings and goings of the blogsphere, I thought I’d chime in on a subject that has recently been making its way throughout gaming blogs: “Things Role Playing Bloggers Tend Not To Write About” as initially mentioned by Noisms over at Monsters and Manuals.


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When Arms and Equipment for 3.5ed came out and we had started the campaign for the Company of the Combustible Commode, one of my players came across a neat weapon called the duom.  Being a curious and usual open-to-new-things GM, I allowed the player to use it.  Eventually, as the campaign went on, it became engraved into the culture surrounding her character’s clan; to the point of having an elite cadre of royal guards that wield them.

A neat, creative concept and something I encouraged.

However, when one reads the description of the duom, the concept of the weapon appears interesting, but there was little to no rules regarding bonuses or actual rule use.  Looking back over the years of the CotCC campaign and having done a little research today, it seems we’ve been using that weapon all wrong.


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