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So, as I stated in the first post, the summary is pretty much how this long running group got their name.  It’s been, probably, the best D&D campaign I’ve ever run and the first game in general in my years of GMing, to reach a solid conclusion.  There were many adventures after this post as this really only covers the first 5-6 sessions.  However, given the gap of approx 2 years, my memory is a little rusty as to everything that’s happened.  However, I do plan to try and continue with my habit of posting game summaries once the Company resumes its adventuring lifestyle.

As for these little fictionalized bits, honestly, they never happened.  At least, not in the manner that I’m writing them.  There have been instances though where they’ve found themselves in an inn somewhere and Xephael’s tale has made it into the hands of whatever entertainer is playing there.  In writing these bits, I think I’ve captured the collective essence of how these characters may have acted in this kind of situation.  Plus it was a good attempt to flex my creative writing muscles.  I did go back through and clean up what I could as these were written several years back.  But otherwise, I left them as is.

Anyhow, without further ado, the finale of the Introduction of the Company of the Combustable Commode.



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The bard’s presence, of course, served as a distraction for the rest of the taproom and very few people took notice of a small group of adventurers coming in from the cold. A Dwarf was in the lead and upon hearing what he knew to be an all-too-familiar ballad, he made straight for the bar. Following the stout fellow was a female wood elf who winced slightly as the tune carried over to her ears.  There was little hesitation as she followed her dwarven companion towards the bar. Moments later, two humans, one a very tall young lad and the other a turban-wearing fellow with a large black cat at his side, enter, both picking a table nearest the bar and their companions.

 Last to follow suit are a pair of elves, one moon and one sun.  The moon elf takes up a seat on the other side of the wood elf female and absently listened to the ballad, taking note of how it was sung. The sun elf, takes a seat at his companion’s table and orders a glass of Elverquist.

“Hmm,” said the moon elf, “he’s exaggerating some parts, but it’s not too bad a performance.”

The wood elf leaned an elbow on the bar and put her hand to her forehead. “Oh, I can’t believe it’s made it as far south as Daggerford!”

At the table, the younger human made a rather large guffaw at mention of a large bag down in Undermountain. At the bar, the elf woman stiffened.


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