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chainsFirst off, I’d like to welcome anyone visiting here from RPGBloggers.net.  I’ve recently joined this great community and hopefully will meet some great people as time goes on.  Welcome one and all!

Now, on to our show!

When we last left our intrepid band of heroes, they had just cleared out the orcs from the dining hall of the new Tolbin manor.  They then discovered that the room next door seemed to house even more that apparently were oblivious to the recenet battle (Thank Tymora).  Needing time to think and look over the rest of the house, the group opted to baracade the door to the next room in hopes of delaying the orcs inside.

 In a stroke of possible genius, the gnome also tried to rig a trap using a large pot of boiling stew in the room in hopes that forcing open the door would douse the orcs and floor making footing treacherous.  Gond would have been proud. (more…)


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