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chainsRealizing the jig is up, they kick in the secret door, revealing a room full of orcs at the ready and a collection of frightened humans, most likely from Damaris’ entourage.  Battle ensues and fortunately, Tempus favors our heroes.  Once the orcs were dispatched, the group frees the prisoners who explain that they were taken by surprise when the orcs stormed the house form this basement.  They point out the large hole in the wall stating that there must have been a walled off tunnel there that the orcs broke in through.  Taking a quick breather, the group tends to their wounds before chosing to make their way onward to see what awaits upstairs.  (more…)


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chainsThe group makes their way into the Royal Quarter, dispite their road weary look, and find themselves at The Sea Lion Pride Festhall.  One snooty doorman encounter later and they are seated at a table with an elderly gentleman who introduces himself as Damaris Tolbin, head of the Tolbin Mercantile Company.  He bades them to partake of the feast in front of them, a well layed out spead of food from all over Faerun, as he does not enjoy discussin business at that hour on an empty stomach.

During the meal, he inquires a bit about the group, a bit taken aback at such an unusual band of adventurers.  Liarra chimes in and, in a elaborate display of exagerated and embelished storytelling, describes their plight as The Fellowship of the Broken bonds, a ragtag group of freedom fighters of the down-trodden slave population of Calimshan.  The old man buys into the tale and relates his plight to the group. (more…)

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chainsSo Saturday began the session that some people use to refer to as “The Game of Wrong”.  This was due to a previous 3.5e game I tried running with randomly determined race/class selection.  I allowed people to rehash their characters from that game if they wanted to hopefully entice people to play a 4e Realms game.  And it worked.  But anyway….

The session started out with a motley lot of escaped slaves having fled from Calimshan and their cruel master, Pasha Kaleem.  Anyone looking upon this group of people working together would wonder what god was crazy enough to bring them together; a Half-Orc Rogue (Lagazi), a Kobold Monk (Grengal), a Dwarven Warden (Varrack), a Gnomish Barbarian (Ryndon), and a Drow Bard (Liarra).  As the scene opened, they found themselves on a hillside overlooking the capital city of Tethyr, Darromar. (more…)

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